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Patrick Bio

Patrick Bonello


Patrick started Websites NOW as a freelance graphic designer, since then it has evolved into a full service marketing agency. Trainied as a journalist, his focus is on good communication.

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Patrick has managed to train Fritz to perform a range of tasks, effectively delegating his responsibilities to his furry partner. From attending virtual meetings to charming clients with his undeniable canine charisma.

Rob Bio

Robert Pollard

Lead Website Design

Robert is an experienced creative with over a decade of producing creative content, marketing and advertising under his belt. He is now the lead website designer at Websites NOW.

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Picture a man whose very essence has undergone a surreal metamorphosis, his bloodstream no longer flowing with the familiar crimson hue of life, but instead coursing with a rich and aromatic concoction: coffee.

Ash Bio

Ashley Nicholls

SEO Services

If you need someone to deep-dive into SEO, Ash is the man for the job. Ash loves spreadsheets and data like most of us enjoy a morning coffee.

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In a world driven by clicks and keywords, Ash wields a digital prowess that allows him to navigate the intricacies of algorithms with ease, propelling websites and information to the top of search rankings.

Casper Bio

Casper Carey-Grieve

Admin Assist

Despite still studying, Casper stood out from the crowd at a local Coding club. His enthusiasm and skills are beyond his years.

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Where Rob’s coffee-fueled energy falters at about 5pm, it’s Caspers time to shine. He tags in as the embodiment of capability and resourcefulness.

Matt Bio

Matt Dwyer


Coding is not just a skill for Matt, it’s a passion.  Seeing beyond the front of a website to how it works makes him an invaluable team member.

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Matt’s mastery extends far beyond the realm of code, as he navigates the intricate symphony of reality, rewriting the fundamental laws that govern space, time, and matter.

Laura Profile

Laura Beard

Site Updates & Admin

Laura is our resident website doctor.  She makes sure that every site we build continues to be secure every minute it is being hosted. Her organising skills make her admin run like clockwork.

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With a unique blend of skills, Laura navigates between the tactile and the digital, treating each cup of coffee and plugin update as an opportunity to captivate and inspire.

Fritz Profile



No one does stress relief better than our CEO and mascot Fritz. He happily greets clients and makes sure everyone never loses site of the fun you can find every day in the office.

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In a tale that blurs the boundaries of possibility, enter the charming world of Fritz, a four-legged wonder whose journey from wagging tails to website domains is nothing short of remarkable.

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