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Hosting your website locally is essential for performance and Search Engine Indexing.

Websites NOW has its own dedicated server at Australia’s largest private data centre, this means your website and emails are not sharing space with thousands of other companies. We manage our own server which only hosts our clients.

Having our own Australian based dedicated server means support is only a phone call or email away, in your time zone when you need us most.

What are the benefits?

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With a strong focus on security, we use a dedicated US based security company to monitor our server 24/7. This means when you are getting a well-earned night’s sleep our server baby-sitters are making sure your inbox will be getting emails and your website is open night and day, even when you aren’t!


We are constantly backing up all of your important data at our secure data centre and we also have a redundant off-site backup. So, we have every base covered with security and backup.

Local Support

When you need support, the people who made your website are the same people hosting your website – that’s us!

Data Privacy

When you host with a local Australian business you are still in control of your data. Our focus on data protection, server security and redundant backups is constant piece of mind.

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Hosting locally comes with other advantages, your website will run up to three times faster than an overseas hosted website.

Most marketing people are familiar with the term ‘7 second attention span’ – this is the amount of time it takes for a customer to make the first critical decision.

If your website is not hosted locally then you are at a critical marketing disadvantage if your site takes three times longer to load!

How often do you visit your own website?

That’s a good question… some businesses don’t visit their own websites very often, which means if there is a problem who’s going to tell you.

We check every single website on our server weekly, not just to make sure it is working, but also to update any critical software and plugins. You don’t need to know what they do, you just need to know we have your back covered.

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