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Embarking on the journey of building a new website can be daunting, especially when faced with the question of where to begin! At Websites NOW, creating a website is a collaborative endeavour. While we bring our expertise in web development to the table, we understand that nobody knows your business better than you.

That is why it all starts with us understanding your goals, services and customers. Once you have submitted the below, we will be in touch to arrange a catch up in person or over zoom – whatever you prefer. 

This is a guiding tool, not a test – there are no wrong answers!

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Do you want to generate online sales?
Are you looking to attract new customers?
Do you simply want an online presence?

Having a clearly defined goal helps us deliver a website that achieves its intended purpose. From your websites user-experience to its key engagements, everything is designed to funnel visitors into making the next step.  

Where does your audience live?
What age group is your audience?
What is the income range of your audience?

Understanding your audience helps us tailor your website to appeal to them. From its choice of language to its colour scheme and aesthetic... Is it going to be bright, bold and visually engaging or clean, professional and to the point?

Are they looking for a particular service?
What questions do they have that we could answer?
What are your customers trying to achieve?

Your website needs to be a solution. This is where keywords and SEO optimisation come into play. Understanding what people are searching for allows us to tailor the content on your website to answer their specific enquiries. We can also perform SEO research on your behalf. 

Is there something unique about what you do?
Why should a customer choose you over your competition?
Do you deliver higher quality, lower prices or faster service?

Remember, a website is part of a wider marketing strategy. You want to make your product or service attractive to customers. What does a customer get at your business they are unlikely to find somewhere else? 

Do you have a logo or style guide?
Do you have any photographs?
Are there any websites you like the look of?

If you already have elements on the ready, great! If not, we can help. We have in house graphic designers, photographers and videographers available. We also have access to a massive stock library of photo, video and graphics. 

What marketing collateral do you have on hand?
If you only have a few or none of the above, don't stress!
We would love to check it out!

Do you want people to be able to submit an enquiry?
Do you want people to be able to book?
Do you want people to be able to buy online?

Your website should work for you! If your website can automate something, it is already saving you time and money. 

What information about your services do you want on the website?
What information about your brand, team or values do you want on the website?
Do you need help drafting website content?

Engaging, relevant and keyword rich content will ensure your website ranks better and is more appealing to those who find it. Although we have no problem writing copy, no one knows your business better than you! We can use the copy you provide, or work with your dot points or notes.

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*We are based in Ballan and Ballarat - Western Victoria, Austalia. Onsite services outside our service areas may require use of a third party.